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When Paul & Ann first laid their hands on those gorgeous skins, they immediately fell in love with it and stunned by the beauty, the texture, the scent, the durability and everything about it. And the second, they pierced the needle through it to create beautiful hand stitches they knew, this is it, they found their passion in leatherwork! This was what they've always wanted, and they've never looked back. 

Ever since, Paul & Ann have traveled around Europe to learn the best leather craftsmanship and the secret traditional hand stitching methods that had been passed down through generations, first-hand from the masters. The art which sadly, had been long forgotten due to all industrialization and the economics of scales now has been used and preserved in all their works. 

They dreamed of spreading the leathercraft beauty to the world through their artwork, which is hand-crafted at their cozy dedicated atelier in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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