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Jetalla Belt is made to measure, so please measure your waist or your current belt from the tongue of your buckle to your favourite hole, we'll put it as 3rd hole of 5. Space between is 2.5 cm or 1 "


Belt sizes and style

Buckle Belt

comes in 1.5 cm, 1.9 cm, 3 cm and 3.2 cm width

*different buckle shape used for 1.9 cm and 3.2 cm 

1.5 cm buckle comes in shiny gold & palladium color

1.9 cm buckle comes in matte or brushed gold & palladium color

3 cm buckle comes in shiny gold & palladium color

3.2 cm comes only in palladium color


Reversible belt

in 3.2 cm width, comes in four colors : shiny gold, brushed gold, shiny palladium and brushed palladium.

Two tones is available for reversible style, suggest you to choose from similar article or texture due to its characteristics 


*Please note that we stitch by hands using single linen thread, so the thread on both side is exactly in one color




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