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In 2024, in collaboration with High-End Brand Shopee, we offer one ready stock Monotonia in German Red Calfskin, with a Red Brick Chevre interior. An adjustable strap is included, measuring 1.5 cm in width and 100-110 cm in length. It is beautifully adorned with flowers.

For purchases, please find the link in the 'How to Order' section via WhatsApp, Shopee, or Etsy.

Monotonia is a combination of two Jetalla signatures : Natalya bag & Blossom bag. Its inspiration comes from hundreds of shades of green, shapes and sizes of plants that melting together into one beautiful harmonies.  This beauty of monotone can be applied to other colors as well, like shades of brown, or purple or even pink. 


Dimensions : 19 x 10.5 x 7 cm similar to mini 19 dimension.


This special edition comes with one adjustable or fixed strap with blossoms on one side. 

*Monotonia was featured at Asia Pasific Leather Fair (APLF)  ASEAN, in Bangkok, Thailand - Oct, 2022. 

Monotonia Red

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