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What we love about slider is its simplicity. All you need is just slide your things in! Match it with your mini bag or as a pocket in your tote bag


While Mini size is great to carry one or two cards, small and standard size is great to carry your notes, or your phone.


Choose different mix colors to be different!


Slider is a best travel companion when you have varies notes for your trip!

Do not put too many, put enough!



Mini size : 10 x 6 cm 


Slider : 18 to 20 cm x 10 cm 


Slider Plus

Small size : 18 / 19 cm x 10 cm 

  • button closure and two vertical cardslots onn backside, up to four cards 

Standard size : 20 cm x 10 cm 

  • button closure and six horizontal cardslots maximum


Passport Slider

Single Passport : 15 cm x 10 cm 

  • one passport, two cardslots and a ticket compartment

Double Passport : 16.5 cm x 10 cm 

two passports, two cardslots and a ticket compartment


** Mini size and Standard size Outer is all catalogue, Inner is chevre exclusive

**Slider Plus and Passport Slider both Outer and Inner are Chevre exclusive, please select colors from Chevre Catalogue (LEATHER Article section) - two or three tones are available

Slider Family

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