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All of our straps are made to measure so please make sure you already measured your favorite length for your strap (measure from one hook to another,  hook is included)


Each strap is hand stitched using saddle stitch method, the strongest stitching method with waxed linen thread.

Saddle stitching uses two needles and one single thread so it is not possible to have different thread color for each side of your strap


Since all of our products are made to order  , you can choose your choice of leather and color. You can have two tones strap, different color for each side but we suggest you pick the color in the same article due to its characteristic.


We offer two kinds of strap at the moment :


  • Adjustable strap in 1.5 cm or 3.0 cm width

Our adjustable strap has five holes. The gap between is 1" or 2.5 cm

We always put your favorite length on the third hole 


  • Fixed strap varies from 1.2 cm to 5.2 cm width

Our Fixed strap has two kinds of style :

Standard Style and Plain Style (2nd Pic)


**double buckle available for adjustable strap with no extra charge, please text it on custom text field 



Additional Blossoms with extra charge - visit accessories addition to see the pricelist. Each flower is hand cut, hand shaped and hand stitched.

Initial stamping : no additional cost, please refer to Custom section to see our range of color stamps



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