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A love for leather

I've been coping with my hand injury for 7 weeks now. The first week was the hardest, I couldn't even do things I love anymore, and it took a toll on me.

I must admit that there were times when the pressure felt too much to bear, and I wanted to quit; but when a want became a must, reality hit. Only then, I realised just how much I love leatherwork and don't want to stop at all.

I went through many therapies, medications, and physical training; did everything I could to make it right, except the one I needed the most: rest.

" Things I love the most.Things that we can find in grace alone. Good things we can find in a gift.

Love, passion and dedication. That is Jetalla'aneiu all about. "

It was such a reflective moment for me, to find my center and keep myself grounded. We often take things for granted, and so often, we need a good reminder, and sometimes, we must learn the hard way.

So, to cure my longing for work, let me re-read the poem I wrote when I fell in love with leatherwork at first sight and share it with you.

A love for leather

Leather, hides, and skins

I adore the smell of you

Filling up my days with smiles

Exploring every inch of you

I am dancing to your softness

Devoted to your scents

None beats these feelings

The first I laid my hands on you

Falling, for you are stunning

Craving, for you are alluring

Dancing on your softness

Drawn into your scents

Leather, hides, and skins

Love what's in you!

—————- ♥️

Can you feel the love?

"I'm grateful that I found a way to express myself - Through leather, - what's in me - dreams, ideas, emotions, words, and knowledge are being delivered to the world.”

And thank you for being a part of it, thank you for bearing with me during hard times.

Take care of our health, and be aware of our mental health, that is our responsibility and the top of it : A grateful heart is the most effective medicine.

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Mar 04, 2023

I hope you recover soon.

Mar 08, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much. I’m getting back on my feet 😊 ~ Anne

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