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Learning from one another.

Learning from one another

‘We are so glad to be back to atelier PeterNitz.’

What do you learn from studying at PeterNitz?

Visiting PeterNitz is always an eye-opener for both of us. Not only we learned new things and skills, but five days at Peter's atelier also gave us many valuable life lessons.

Peter works from 9 am to 6 pm, and we believe he will work longer hours when necessary. He handles a lot of things all day long and just stops to eat. Sometimes, he even has to eat late, and then he would have to get back to work right away. It turns out that being a master does not grant him the privilege to "work less". He instead works longer and harder than everyone else.

' Peter's attention to detail.'

But even so, he is grounded and still makes time for us. Not only is he a good teacher, but also a good mentor. He gave us so much valuable advice as he shared his view on the world of leatherwork, and taught us how to build a brand. He taught us everything with the utmost attention.

We are so glad to see how much PeterNitz has grown. Soon he'll open his shop in the old town area, the heart of Zurich, where you'll be able to see the PeterNitz collection and its manufacturing process. We believe it will be one of the must visit places in Zurich city.

‘One fine afternoon at Old town city of Zurich, another place that feels like home.’

It's also Ann's wildest dream to have those good things for Jetalla. Back at the PeterNitz atelier, there is no "slacking" at PeterNitz atelier.

Hard work never betrays the result, and passion is contagious.

Watching Julien so focused and meticulously shaped each handle one by one until they reached perfection burned something inside us. The process is slow but sure. And seeing them truly enjoy and cherish their work reminded us of our first love for leatherwork. A remarkable first love with a burning passion and butterflies in our bellies. Do you feel the same?

Routines, deadlines, and busy business days that come as Jetalla grows sometimes make us forget how it used to feel. And feeling those thrills again made us so excited that we couldn't wait to go home and get to work.

So what did you bring home from atelier PeterNitz?

We brought Peter's gorgeous Himalaya Mini Dream bag with us, which is so adored by our family, to the point they came over solely to see Peter's bag.

But, the most precious things we bought home with us are the memory of someone who is madly in love with his job.

It brings us back to how it used to feel; it reminds us to enjoy each process without a rush.

Peter always smiles and shares with Julien every time he gets compliments from his satisfied customers when they receive their handmade bags. And just like Peter, seeing a smile in our satisfied clients always makes our smiles even wider.

And that is the most rewarding thing for an artist: having the freedom to express themself in their work and humanity who enjoy and appreciate their art.

Once we have our heart set, we do not give up so easily.  On the contrary, it is such a pleasure!

~ it is a journey in grace.

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